Deep Singh

Our celebrated chef Deep Singh hails from Cheema Village in Jalandhar, one of the ancient cities in India. Jalandhar in Punjab is the cradle of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Ancient settlers came from parts of Europe to settle on the banks of the Great River Indus. Punjab means the land of five rivers and Jalandhar derived its name from the vernacular, meaning an area inside water. With plenty of water resources this land is best suited for agriculture and is known for its finest quality wheat, rice, lentils and vegetables.

Deep Singh’s father Gurmail Singh was a farmer who loved his land and reaped a golden harvest .His passion for farming is aided by hard work and persistence. When he was young, Deep Singh used to go to his father’s field early in the morning to water the crops, pick weeds and to till the land. As he returned from the field, piping hot dishes would be waiting for him at his mother’s kitchen. The tasty dishes from his mother’s kitchen has influenced him and instilled in him the passion for cooking.

Deep Singh’s mother was his inspiration in life. His mother Chanan Kaur was a lovely lady whose culinary skills inspired young Deep to become a chef. Although a typical house wife, she wanted her children to reach great heights. She encouraged Deep Singh to follow his passion. Deep Singh enjoyed playing in the fields with his siblings. Even while he was very young, he wanted to be creative. He dreamed of far off lands, cooking his favorite delicacies and about doing business.

As the son of a humble farmer with limited opportunities, he could not achieve much in his homeland. But he was determined to challenge his limitations and make them opportunities. He came to the US as an immigrant .When he came here his only assets were his passion for cooking and a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He started to earn a living as a dish washer in Raj Mahal Restaurant, Rochester. From dish washer to chef; he made a steady progress in life.

After gaining substantial experience as a chef, he went on to embrace his passion. He started the Taste of India restaurant in Buffalo NY. At the Taste of India, he brought together all the cuisines of the different regions of India and tried to create a twist of taste. In the Taste of India all the dishes are custom made, without losing its original flavor and taste.

Now Deep Singh is the owner of three famous Indian restaurants in New York - Taste of India, He created (Now owned by other individuals) India Gate and Jewel of India. He also owns Royal India Market grocery store in Sheridan, Buffalo, New York. Apart from being an accomplished entrepreneur, his passion lies in cooking. Every dish in Taste of India has a signature of chef Deep Singh. He is also a mentor to his junior chefs and he always encourages them to go that extra mile. His passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail earned him the name of a celebrated Indian Chef in Buffalo, New York.

From lentil soup to aloo tikki, the lamb vindaloo and garlic nan, to the kulfi pistachio ice cream Taste of India offers a variety of choices. Here is an invitation to enjoy the enchanting delicacies of chef Deep Singh and have an authentic Indian experience in aroma, flavor and ambience.